This design is made up of two main white stone volumes, one of which stretches over the other.

Access to the house is on the ground floor through a double height ceiling lobby. In front of the lobby there is a fully courtyard with a garden inside, from here you can see the outside swimming pool. This courtyard is the element that separates the double height living-room and the dining room. On the left hand side of the lobby there is a wooden floating staircase, accompanied by an interior garden with plentiful light through the above skylight. This garden confers a degree of humidity allowing greater comfort inside.

The whole house is completely equipped in all aspects, so that you have complete control of all the controllable elements both inside and outside the house. Installed Home automation allows full coordination of sound, lighting, intrusion alarms and irrigation control, access, opening doors and shutters, temperature control from both inside and outside the house via the internet. This installation allows a very high degree of comfort as well as complete control of your home, providing a greater degree of safety and comfort.

Altherma has been installed as a renewable energy source, which serves both the soil climate, and water temperature control. Fan coils are also installed, as well as pool heating if considered necessary.

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