This way you have a view of the pool from all parts of the house, allowing at all times and for your enjoyment a view of the infinity pool that opens onto the horizon.

The master bedroom has been finished with white stone that stretches over the water surface, so that the feeling that is generated from within the room is as if it were a ¨floating¨ room.

The house is mainly based on the ground floor. There is an office on the first floor, which is accessed via a floating staircase.

Access to the plot is through an integrated staircase that ends at the sheet design waterfall generating access to the house.

Once inside the house the volume access is around a fully glazed, double-height ceiling courtyard located in the center of the main volume. A concept based on the Roman domus that allows spaces to flow around the space generated by the patio. Thus access to house allows a general perception of space.

The main volume is the living room with a high rise ceiling, creating a feeling of great spaciousness. This living room is connected on one side with the kitchen. All other spaces are directly linked to the porch next to the deep end of the infinity pool.

Madrid's Sierra. Spain500 m214-11-2014