Working with medium heights inside the house allows for exciting triple-height spaces to occur that connect the two main volumes of the house by use of stairs that seek access platforms on each floor and develop as ¨floating¨ elements over indoor garden. This way one enjoys a triple height glass space on both sides, from which a total spatial perception is given of the whole house.

This entire white stone volume is composed of a large glass area facing east to allow for magnificent views and plentiful sunlight to enter. In this way a complete fusion occurs between the interior and exterior, incorporating the infinity pool, that is next to the porch on the ground floor, into the house.

Access to the house is produced on the upper part of the plot, while the lobby has an elevation of +1.50 on the living-room level, so that the view from the access point can be enjoyed, as it provides a transparent and open space. Since this space is accessed via a staircase descending to the main space downstairs at a level of +0.00.

The infinity pool with waterfall is oriented towards the garden area so that one can enjoy the constant sound of moving water from the garden.

Madrid's Sierra. Spain450 m231-1-2013