Marta González Alonso


Marta González Alonso was born in November 1972. She studied superior technical architecture at the University of Navarra, graduating at the age of 24, in June 1997. She worked as an intern at an architectural firm in Pamplona. Once certified she moved to Madrid, where she began working as an architect.


In 1997, she started her first project while working with various architectural firms in Madrid. In 2003, Marta González Architects was founded and so began intensive work and dedication to new projects at the firm.

In more than 20 years of professional experience, learning has been incremental, but the attitude of gaining new knowledge from each project, each client and each team member is consistently maintained.

The work

The work carried out in the firm abides by a process that is regulated by the following parameters, giving every client the best possible project for every specific site, under any given personalized requirements, all while trying to maintain the essence of emotional architecture, which allows for clients' satisfaction in both professional and personal environments.